1964 Ford Ranchero

We did a 5 speed conversion on this 1964 Ford Ranchero about 5 years ago, along with a Heidts front end, disc brakes, air conditioning and power steering.

1964 Ford Ranchero Rear View

The original 260 motor in this 1964 Ranchero was wiped out, so we’re putting a late model fox body 5-0 302 in it, which requires changing some parts because the bellhousing pattern is different between the two motors.

1964 Ford Ranchero Steering Wheel

We brought this 1964 Ford Ranchero in about 2 weeks ago and ordered a motor for it, pulled the old motor out, figured out all the conversions we’d have to do to make it work – redo the flywheel and clutch, the z-bar, oil pan, lots of bolts.

1964 Ford Ranchero Side View

Because this 1964 Ranchero is an early model car, we couldn’t use the late model clutch assembly, we had to retro fit it. We’re making the new motor fit this car

1964 Ford Ranchero Passenger Side Emblem

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