1966 Ford Mustang GT

This is a 1966 Ford Mustang GT- a very desirable car in very solid shape. We’re going to build it up a bit and make it a daily driver for the owner. The story behind this Fastback four-barrel 289 HiPo 4-speed Mustang is that the owner’s uncle bought this car brand new, kept it completely stock, and drove it until his death in 1997.

1966 Ford GT Mustang Side View

The uncle’s daughter then took it and drove it until 2001 when it finally quit running. She parked it, then the current owner recently purchased it from his sister.

1966 Ford GT Mustang Trunk Emblem

The current owner was 6 years old when his uncle bought this 1966 Ford Mustang GT and always wanted it. It needs the motor rebuilt, we’re going to freshen up the suspension and brakes.

1966 Ford GT Mustang On Lift

Update 11-4-19:

We’ve got all the suspension rebuilt, front and back. The rear end, transmission, and motor have all been rebuilt and we’re putting it back together. Tomorrow we go to pick up the transmission, and then we can finish the drive line. Pretty soon, this Mustang will drive like a brand new car.

1966 Ford GT Mustang Passenger Front Suspension

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