1969 Chevy Camaro

We’re working on getting this 1969 Chevy Camaro to run, then we’re going to do some rust repair here and there on the body of the car.

1960 Plymouth Suburban

We’re going through the brake system of this 1960 Plymouth Suburban to fix a few issues with it. There was an aftermarket master cylinder installed some time in the past that doesn’t work correctly, so we’re installing a new one.

1969 Chevy Truck

We took this truck apart and are going to do a 5.3 LS overdrive motor conversion, along with upgrading the transmission. We’re also updating the gauges and wiring.

1965 Ford Custom Cab

This 1965 Ford Custom Cab belongs to a gentleman out of Santa Barbara. We’re doing a P71 cop car conversion, and are putting the motor, transmission and suspension in it. We’re basically outfitting it with a modern motor, electronics, integrating the gauges and everything in it. We also had the wheels re-hooped to give them a deep dish in the …

1965 Chevy Stepside Truck

This 1965 Chevy Stepside Truck came into our shop to have a new grill put in, and to have the doors rebuilt along with having new weather stripping installed. We also pulled out the old wooden bed and are putting in a new, high-end finished bed back in it.

1968 Chevy Camaro SS

This 1968 Chevy Camaro SS is getting some new wheel bearings and seals in the front, along with new brake pads. The rear is also getting new axles, bearings and seals. We’ve done some work on this car in the past – about 6 months ago, we put a new 383 engine in it The owner is interested in taking …

1965 Chevy C10 Truck

This 1965 short bed Chevy Truck is in the shop for some fabrication work. We’re going to fabricate all the brackets, and wire in the electrical harnesses and computer for the motor. This kind of work needs to be done before the body work and paint is done. After we finish welding some brackets to the firewall and whatnot, this …

1961 Morris Minor Traveller

This 1961 Morris Minor Traveller is right-hand drive, which means it was imported from England. The first city this car was registered in was the city that the owner was born in The door strikers were worn, so we had to order new parts from Canada and England to repair them. In order to replace the strikers, we had to …

1962 Cadillac

The owner of this Cadillac bought it in Florida and brought it to our shop for a pre-purchase inspection. He then decided to buy it, and we’ve been doing a lot of work to restore this car for the new owner. We got it running better, gave it a bit of a tune up and fixed a bunch of vacuum …

1966 Lincoln Continental

We just had the motor rebuilt and had the transmission rebuilt as well Along with the engine and transmission, we also had the carburetor rebuilt. We’re going over the whole car to make sure everything is working correctly. Once we get the car running, there may be some additional fixes we’ll need to make as thing start presenting themselves. Take …