1956 Ford Pickup

We installed power windows and replaced the weather stripping on this 1956 Ford Pickup. We’re also going to install some new springs for the suspension and fix a coolant leak on the engine.

1949 Ford

We’re working out some kinks with the cooling system in this beautiful 1949 Ford. Fun Fact – the 1949 Ford was the first all-new automobile design introduced by the Big Three after World War II, with civilian production having been suspended during the war, and the 1946-1948 models from Ford, GM, and Chrysler being updates of their pre-war models

1934 Ford

We’ve gone through the entire suspension system of this 1934 Ford and have tightened things up so that it handles the way it should. Now it will drive down the road straight and true.

1965 Ford Custom Cab

This 1965 Ford Custom Cab belongs to a gentleman out of Santa Barbara. We’re doing a P71 cop car conversion, and are putting the motor, transmission and suspension in it. We’re basically outfitting it with a modern motor, electronics, integrating the gauges and everything in it. We also had the wheels re-hooped to give them a deep dish in the …

1996 Ford Mustang Cobra

The owner of this 1996 is an old friend of Troy Martin, the owner of Full Scale Hot Rods & Customs. We put in a whole new exhaust system, rebuilt the rear and front suspension.

1958 Ford

This 1958 Ford straight-axle gasser is running and driving. We’re going to do some metal work, including re-arching the rear wheel openings. We’re going to put a set of seats in it and also build a roll cage for it. The owner is hoping to take it to the strip and run under 10 seconds, so we look up the …

1974 Ford Bronco

This 1974 Ford Bronco has a 351 Windsor in it. We’re replacing the fuel lines and putting the correct hoses in it. Aside from that , we’ll be re-securing everything up in the frame. We’ll be redoing some brake lines and securing them properly. We’re also going to add the auxiliary tank in as a transfer tank to the main …

1948 Ford Coupe

This 1948 Ford Coupe is in the shop to put the front and back windows in it. Then it’s going to the upholstery shop to have the upholstery done. We did a lot of work on this car years ago. We did all the metal and rust repair, upgraded the drive line, hopped up the motor, put a 5 speed …

1937 Ford Humpback

We built this 1937 Ford Humpback a couple of years ago. It’s in for a little tune up work this time around. We did all the sheet metal repair a while ago, along with all the wiring and the airbag system. Our painter did the paint, and our upholstery guys did the upholstery. The owner wants us to lower the …

1953 Ford F100 Pickup

This truck belongs to Darrel Struth. We did a lot of work on this truck about 6-7 years ago. Now we’re putting an overdrive transmission in it. We’re taking out the C4 3-Speed that we put in it when we put in the motor and drive line in it years ago There’s lots of body mods, widened the bed back …