1960 Plymouth Suburban

We’re going through the brake system of this 1960 Plymouth Suburban to fix a few issues with it. There was an aftermarket master cylinder installed some time in the past that doesn’t work correctly, so we’re installing a new one.

1965 Plymouth Satellite

The owner of this 1965 Plymouth Satellite brought this car into the shop for some minor upkeep. We’re doing an oil change and are taking care of some service work. The 383 big block in this ride is in great condition. Take a look at our 1965 Plymouth Satellite gallery here.

1969 Plymouth Hemi Roadrunner

How It Started This 1969 Plymouth Hemi Roadrunner shop project started out as a customer’s car, who approached us about it around 2 years ago. We had worked for this particular customer for a couple years, off and on; we had no idea he owned this car. One day, he brought his Camaro back in for some work. At one …